Powerful ATV Electric Mountain Tank Four Wheels Electric Scooters with Lithium

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1, Powerful lithium battery : 12 Ah
2, Charge time : 6 hours
3, Battery life time and Speed:
Gear 1: 0.80M/S    (10 hours)
Gear 2: 1.30M/S     (4 hours)
Gear 3: 1.90M/S     (2.5 hours)
Gear 4: 2.25M/S     (1.33 hours)
4, Motor : 200W
5, Voltage: 36V
6, package : 24.5cm *34cm *37cm G.W.:8kg

Background of the electric scooter industry With the increasingly serious urban air and environmental pollution, and the more serious road traffic congestion, light and environmentally friendly portable means of transportation have begun to be loved by more and more people, and electric scooters, a brand-new means of transportation, are gradually accepted by many people. Skateboarding was born in the 1990s. At first, it only had a single function of surfing at sea, and then gradually evolved into a variety of styles on the road.

With the development of economic globalization, this sport integrating fitness, leisure and entertainment has gradually entered the country and has been accepted by most teenagers. visible. The mountain tank scooter is one of them, and the mountain scooter brings new fun to people. Take you to explore the jungle and find the wonders of the jungle world.

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