Welcome to visit our website.Our company “Wuyi Gold Shark Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.” has years of development, we have our own independent research and development team, technical parameters and product design patents. Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard is our core product, which is mainly sold to almost every developed country and many developing countries. Especially to USA and European countries. So our Efoil has been accepted by the markets and users with high cost performance. Efoil Surfboard, as an emerging water technology product, perfectly solves the problem that surfing can only be carried out at the seaside in the past. Its appearance allows more young people who like surfing to enjoy the fun of surfing. Foil is safer than ever and easier to handle, making it ideal for beginners. In terms of product design, we adopt two sizes, professional board(1680*700mm) designed for experienced surfers and basic board(2100*700mm) designed for beginners. Our hydrofoil plate adopts advanced R/F wireless digital display remote control, magnetic power off switch, large-capacity lithium battery, high-power motor and IP67 waterproof grade, which reflects the cost performance of the product to the greatest extent. It is loved by more and more young people who love water sports.
Apart from the Efoil Surfboard, we also mainly manufacture Electric Jet Surfboard for adults, Inflatable jet surfboard for children, and all kinds of paddle boards for the people of any ages. Our R&D group develops new products every year, so if you have any cool ideas, we can work together to make it out.
As summer approaches, we have received a lot of inquiries and purchase orders from friends all over the world. In order to better promote our products, our company will launch our latest products on the Shanghai Water sports equipment Exhibition in June this year. It will be a lot of fun. We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to visit the exhibition to check and try our products, welcome your arrival!

Post time: Apr-07-2022

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