Hello everyone, I’m Bella, a sales representative and a surfing beginner. I’m so happy to join the GS ETIME GROUP, which is a lovely and strong team.
In 2020, I entered the international trade group of GS ETIME, and I felt in love with this profession at the first moment. Colleagues are so nice and friendly. They work very hard, and very responsible, especially to our customers. So I always feel warm and positive working here with them.
This was my first time to try water sports, I was very scared for the first time, because I cannot swim. But when I stand on our paddle board on the water, I felt so amazing. So I started to love surfing, love all kinds of our water sports.
Surfing, originally known as wave-sliding or he’e nalu is the ancient sport of Hawaiian royalty. Our company provides boards. Whether you need sturdy boards for your luxury resort, inflatable paddle boards for small spaces or inside your car, we stock it all. We have race boards for athletes, surf SUP for waveriders, even boards for fishermen and bigger boards for easy cruising at sunset. Our company will continue to take”brand quality and service”as the conceptimprove product quality to provide customers with quality service,high-quality products and advanced water treatment concept,and we will keep common development with customers. 
Come and join our surfing program, I am sure you will love it, because I find peace and reconnection to myself when I am on the water, all my troubles and pressures seem to be far away, it is like meditation, it is really a fact…like a therapy…a SUP therapy. At this point, my mind floated on the sea,lol.
If you have any interested in our group and products, please feel free to let me introduce.

Post time: Apr-07-2022

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