The Efoil surfboard Sport is the board that everyone can enjoy. Its characteristics perfectly suit families and rentals. The Sport is durable and reliable, but most of all, this model will be a great guide for your efoilsurfing early stages.

Whether you like to enjoy a fun afternoon at your favourite lake or sea bay, looking for a new toy to equip your yacht, the Efoil surfboard delivers absolutely everything you might need for shorter distance trips, riding with your children, friends or to discover a brand new perspective of cruising around. The Efoil surfboard offers a four-strap version fitting to both  – goofy and regular Efoil riders.

Advanced Design & Technology
Efoil surfboard Sport comes with an option of foot strap free option. Rubber pad on the board helps with motorized surfboard initial attempts to stand up. When feeling confident in stand up riding position, foot straps may be easily mount on the hull

Control Speed And Balance with new remote control
Acceleration, speed, balance, – it’s all under the control of the remote control. The Efoil surfboard use the remote control to operate the increase and decrease of speed or to stop the board. .Adjust the elevation of the Efoil Surfboard by moving your body upward or backward, control the directions by moving your body left or right. Once speed is obtained,the hydrofoil exerts power to lift the board from the water.

Kill Switch System
Kill switch system shuts off the engine immediately when fall off the always keep rider safe when surfing.
All in all, Efoiling has taken the exsiting the water sport of foiling.and added an electric motor controlled by a handheld remote.Efoiling allows an individual to independently experience the sensation of foling.we are anxiously witnessing the new activity as more participants join in and explore the potential for creating more stroke ont the water.

Post time: Apr-07-2022

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