Electric Surfboard Powerful Motorized Jet Surf

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Max Speed:55-58km/h
Working Time:35-45 Minutes
Material:Carbon Fiber
Max Load Weight:120KGs
Lithium Battery 72V/50A
Battery Weight:24KGs
Body Weight:22KGs
2 Fins
Body size:180*61*14cm
Body Package size:191*67*23cm
Package Weight:70KGs
Battery size:46.5*40*10cm
Battery package size:50*44*15cm
Battery package weight:26KGs
Warranty:one year

Riding the Electric Wave
Designed and produced in Germany, the is a user-friendly jetboard that offers fun and exciting experiences on water. A jetboard is an electrically powered surfboard, where the rider controls the speed using a hand-held remote control and uses weight transfer to manoeuvre the board. The built to the highest safety standards, employ modern electric technology and is completely emission free.

The board’s lithium-ion battery allows for a riding time of up to 45 minutes and when exhausted, its handy plug-and-play battery system allows for an effortless re-charge or a quick battery change. Powered by an electrical motor, the board is accelerated forward by a jet drive to a top speed of 50km/h. A unique and patented design makes it one of the most flexible and practical electric surfboards on the market.
The board consists of two parts: its inflatable hull and the technical, which allows for easy transportation and storage. The jetboard can be used in a seated, lying and standing position and is suitable for all riders.

The motorized surfboards product line-up is now better than ever before. With the brand-new mechanism of the FCS click on/off system, the world’s number one motorized surfboard becomes completely tool less. The fully Electric powered model has added several safety features to even enhance the technical advantage and the wonderful feeling of riding completely silent.

Silence, riding time up to 55 minutes and just 33 kg weight including the battery pack, makes the a must have piece! Thanks to new graphics, the boards are looking better than ever before.

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